Recently I had a conversation with one of my children.  We spent time talking about creation and the way in which the Lord had made everything.  At one point, he asked, “Daddy, who made God?”   His question is a popular one.  I’ve had professing atheists ask me something similar.  They have a hard time believing in God, because they can’t get their mind wrapped around His eternal nature.  Ironically, their protest is contradictory.  At some point something has to be eternal.  The evolutionist believes that matter and space is eternal.  The Christian believes God is eternal.  He is the first-cause of all things.  Personally, I don’t believe we can ever fully understand His eternality.  At some point, we have to receive it by faith.  However, it is a concept that is worth contemplating.  God is God alone, and He is ultimately different from all created things.  Three attributes make Him distinct.


God knows everything.  The Psalmist said, “You are aware of all my ways.  Before a word is on my tongue, you know all about it, Lord” (Psalm 139:3-4).  Jesus taught that God knows how many hairs are on each person’s head (Luke 12:7).  Paul declared, “Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and the knowledge of God!” (Romans 11:33).  Bible teachers often refer to this attribute as the “omniscience” of God.  The Eternal One stands outside of time.  He knew the beginning of human history before it began, and He already knows the end, even though it is yet to take place.  He is completely aware of all facts, happenings, events, circumstances, and thoughts which occur on earth.  No one knows all things the way God does.  He is the only real “know-it-all.”  When we don’t know what to do or what to think, we should put our trust in the One who perceives all things.


The Lord is the only being who is everywhere at once.  Theologians refer to this aspect of God’s being as His “omnipresence.”  It shouldn’t be thought of in the way that eastern religions think of God filling things or being in inanimate objects.  Paul said, “We shouldn’t think that the divine nature is like gold or silver or stone…” (Acts 17:29).  God doesn’t reside in animals, idols, or structures built by men.  But His glory does fill the Earth (Jeremiah 23:23-24).  Even the Devil, demons, and angels have to travel back and forth throughout Creation (Job 1:6-7 and Daniel 10:12-13), but God is everywhere at once (Psalm 139:7-10).  We can have confidence that He is always with us, and that He will never forsake us (Matthew 28:20 and Hebrews 13:5-6).


Nothing is too hard for the Lord.  He is the only One who can do all things.  He alone is “omnipotent.”  It has often been asked, “Could God make a rock so big that He couldn’t move it!”  I would say yes.  He could make a rock that big, and then He would move it!  He can do anything!  It is fitting that one of His most popular names is “the Almighty” (Revelation 19:6).  Such a title should encourage believers.  In a world in which we experience so much struggle and strain, we have assurance that we are empowered by an all-powerful God.  Jesus said, “…but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).  Paul said, “I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).  Take heart.  You have a God who is all-powerful!

Dr. Patrick Latham

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