When most people hear the word budget they most likely cringe and want to run the opposite direction. I suspect that many church members feel the same way when they hear it is the church budget season. The Scriptures give us numerous passages throughout the Old and New Testament that use numbers including days, weights and sizes of certain items, or in the design of items such as the tabernacle.  Numbers are important to the Lord and I believe that they should therefore hold importance to us.

A church budget is a plan that helps guide the ministerial staff and church leadership throughout the year on how money is to be spent. The annual budgeting process makes us stop and evaluate where we are as a church and where we sense the Lord leading us for the following year.

Budgeting in our church starts in the late fall with the ministerial staff looking over last year’s budget and comparing that with the needs for their ministry areas.  These numbers are submitted to the Budget and Finance Committee in January to plan for the next budget year.  One of the tasks is to look at the money that has been received over the last year and compare that with the number that was projected to be received.  The money that First Baptist Church received this year through offerings to date is about $80,000.00 less than where we projected to be. The Budget and Finance Committee took a hard look at those numbers and prayerfully considered how the lower revenue would affect this year’s budget requests.  The overall budget for the 2018-2019 year has been lowered by $48,000.00.  A number of ministry requests have been reduced by 4% and several areas reduced by 10%.

There are many details that go into church budgeting and there are likely many questions about how money was reduced this year in order to reflect the current giving pattern.  I invite you to come to hear about this year’s budget at the March 14th or March 25th Budget Forum.  Get involved and ask questions! I also invite you to be present at the Annual Business Meeting on March 25th to vote on this year’s budget.  I would ask you to spend time praying over this year’s budget and the March Stewardship emphasis - that the Lord would be glorified. I urge you to seek the Lord’s guidance as to how He would have you give this year and grow in your giving.

Aileen Sadler
Chairman of Finance Committee

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