As we near the Easter celebration, the Building Renovation Committee has been at work.  I would like to give a brief progress report. We have met numerous times as a committee and with the contractor to discuss the layout of our new Welcome Center.  As with any construction planning process, many ideas and alternatives are being discussed as the drawings are coming together. Some specifics include: opening the existing welcome area to include the space where the existing library is located, updating the space, flooring, and lighting in the Hall of Memories. Also refurbishing restroom facilities to optimize space as well as update the facilities to be attractive to those visiting our church not only on Sunday, but throughout the week.  The overall concept is taking shape and shows well on the plans. As we continue to work through details of the project, changes and updates to the plans may occur as well.  I expect there will be a certain amount of detail change throughout this project as with any construction project.

At this point, we have agreed to have the contractor provide a set of plans and a budget for the committee.  We have also met with the staff for their input.  Once the plans and budget figures are available, we plan to present those items to the church.  I expect that time frame will be near the end of April.  It is an exciting process and I think you will be impressed at the results that will come from the committee’s work.

Thank your committee of Jeff Sadler, Marcy Bridges, Judy Hargrove, Bob Cox, Dan Smith, Stacy Hart, Mandy Bailey, and myself as well as Reed Johnson, who has had a great impact on the project.  We would also appreciate your prayers for guidance during this exciting time in our church and for future generations that this project will serve. I look forward to the presentation soon.

Justin Phelps

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