Spring is here, flowers are blooming, Easter is coming, but nothing else is normal. Now is the time for the church to be the church outside our walls. This article was to speak toward our annual All Church Workday, but it too will be canceled. At this time, all activities in our church building will be postponed or canceled in order to comply with City mandates pertaining to the COVID – 19 outbreak. That being said, my job is inside the walls, so let me take this time to share what we are doing for the safety of our congregation and staff. We are blessed with a great facility to meet and worship, but it also requires a lot of work and finances to maintain. Our custodial staff has been working diligently to clean and sanitize our facilities. When an area is cleaned, we are asking our staff and members to limit access to these areas.  The custodians are taking this time to clean areas that would normally be done during the workday and have opportunity to work in areas that sometimes they just don’t have time to get to in their normal work schedule. An area has been made available for committees to meet as needed. In an effort to save money on utility bills, areas of the buildings not being used, will not be heated or cooled. We would like to thank the church for your continued generous support of the ongoing ministries of First Baptist Church. Please continue to pray for the healing of our City, State and Nation in these unprecedented times.

Now an update on Vision 2020, to date we have received $226,228.61 of the $700,000 committed. The Renovation Ministry Team has continued to work, but the process is taking longer than expected. We have a signed contract with CDBL to complete preconstruction items, which include finalized blueprints, bid packages and City of Lawton building permits. We are obligated through this portion of the construction process, so we are proceeding with final plans. The Renovation Ministry Team will then seek guidance from our staff and Finance Committee as to the next step. Rest assured; we will communicate with the church as updates become available.

Reed Johnson
Property Superintendent

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