Pre-School Ministry


More than just babysitting…

At FBC, we make a special effort to provide the best in Bible education, equipment, guidance, and personnel for your child in order to make their church experience one that will lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our personnel has a definite purpose in mind EVERY time your child is in a preschool room whether it be Sunday morning, Wednesday night or any other time during the week.

Our goal is for each child to…

  • FEEL the love that God has for him or her
  • SENSE and begin to understand that Jesus was born, grew & belonged in a family
  • LEARN that God created the world in seven days
  • THINK of the Bible as a very special book, God’s Word, that is completely true
  • DEVELOP positive feelings of self-worth and his or her value to God
  • BEGIN to show love, respect & acceptance for others
  • BECOME aware that God planned for families
  • EXPERIENCE a healthy atmosphere that gives them positive feelings about churc

These purposes are carried out through guided activities related to the child’s own experiences. These activities promote growth, enjoyment, confidence, trust and security through the use of blocks, books, home living materials, nature, pictures, music, puzzles, art and the Bible. While participating in these activities, the teachers are given the opportunity to teach songs and Bible truths as the develop a relationship with each child.

We want to partner with YOU, the family, to teach your child Truths that will last a lifetime. Thank you for the privilege of walking with you on this journey!

Here’s some helpful information for parents