Dear Church Family,

I cannot adequately express how excited I am to be your pastor! The journey that my family has been on since May 13, 2020 has been incredible. It was on May 13th that Jonathan Pickett first made contact with me. It was the day that this wonderful ride began. As I began to pray for you and for God’s leading my heart fell in love with you. I did not know your faces or names yet, but you had my heart. This love was only confirmed and strengthened as I began to meet you. You have been so welcoming, loving, and generous. My entire family has been blessed in so many ways because of you. You are spoiling us rotten! Thank you!

As we move forward please know that I am committed to love, shepherd, and pastor you well. I want to get to know you, spend time with you, and do life with you. I will always be up front and honest with you. I will do my absolute best to guard the church and the integrity of Scripture. My preaching will be Gospel centered and covered in much prayer.

I will make mistakes. We will not always agree. We will love each other. That is how a family works. You are my new family and I cannot wait to see what God does with us moving forward!

Much Love,

Mike Keahbone
Senior Pastor

4 thoughts on “Church Family

  1. We are off to a great new beginning and we pray for the Keahbone family daily. It’s awesome to be a part of FBC and the emphasis on loving Lawton and the world!

  2. “…will do life with you”
    My favorite thought and action you are writing with your life.
    We are reading your letter.
    Keep epistle-ing your life,
    as we too write
    Life and Love,
    to be read by and lived before those around us.
    Together in Christ,
    Gary and Karen Becker

  3. My wife and I love your tv preaching . We don’t live there but but since we love to listen but the end of your wonderful sermones are cut off in the end for of tv
    Time runs out. GOD bless you. Bill

    1. Bill, thank you so much for this feedback. When we hd to shift our service time to 11:00am instead of our usual 10:50am service start time due to COVID 19 and it has thrown things a little off timing wise for the TV broadcast. You can also live stream at www. and it will not cut off. Thank you for your feedback and patience while we work on to rectifying this during the TV broadcast.

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