Weekly Prayer List

"Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving."
Colossians 4:2


November 13, 2019


  • Pray for Aaron and Cory Lynne as they cultivate their marriage to glorify the Lord.
  • Pray for them as they disciple their girls, Elli Kate and Ana Beth.
  • Pray they would all love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and love their neighbors as themselves.
  • Pray for them that their home would be a light in their neighborhood like a city on a hill.
  • Pray for Aaron as he leads in all the areas of ministry with which he’s entrusted.
  • Pray that he would work as unto the Lord and not grow weary in doing good.


  • Pray for Garret and Kristina as they leave for Marseille France this week.
  • Pray that they will make an impact in the area where they will be working amongst the Muslims.
  • Pray for their safety, their studies and that response will be quick.
  • Pray that their needs will be met by the churches and individuals that will be supporting them. They are going on faith to do God’s work.


  • Pray for the Thanksgiving Banquet, and the Missionary that will be speaking.
  • Pray for our fellowship that we will interact with each other, encourage each other.
  • Pray for the guest that will be there.
  • Pray for the Upward evaluation this month beginning Nov. 18th.


Ayers Nursing Home

  • Noma Jennings #44-B
  • June Snorek #31


Stationed in Kuwait:
  • Stephen Jackson


  • Lisa Ewing-Knee Replacement Nov 11th CCMH
  • Sheryl Craft
  • Jim Ratliff
  • Max Caddell-(Brother-in-law of Darlene Caddell)Serious condition
  • Melba McGaughey-Shoulder surgery, McBride Hosp 11/07
  • Donnie Bridges-Cancer (Son-in-law of Denice Campbell)
  • Allie Ann Folsom-(Daughter-in-law of Jacque Talley)
  • Russell Shoemate-Cancer, taking more treatments of Chemo/Radiation
  • Alice Maksim- Car accident (Mother of Sara Mazzo)
  • Josh Cotton- Taking Radiation for his Cancer (Son of Rhonda & Mark Cotton)
  • Lee Pierce-Cancer, Taking Radiation
  • Rick Fritsch-Lung Cancer (Friend of Mike Finley)
  • Chance Engleberg-(25) Missing (Cousin of Ruth Geis)
  • John Wisel-Cancer (Brother of Joelene Netherland) lives in IN
  • Kim Winters


  • Area Schools
  • Daymond McGaughey
  • Trudy Sadawski-Throat Cancer (Friend of Joelene Netherland)
  • Debbie Duvov-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • JoAn Maloney
  • Marcia & Charles Elkins
  • Betty Jordan-Cancer
  • Beth Mercer
  • Phyllis Scott
  • Patrick Howard (half-brother of Audelle Owen)
  • Chuck Klein-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • Heather Neff-Health Issues
  • Walton Byers-Cancer (Grandson-in-law of Pat Bridges)
  • Goober Hastings
  • Jimmy Cagle- Cancer
  • Loretta John-Cancer
  • William Arnold
  • Steve Polone-Cancer
  • Ebbie Lee-Doing better
  • Dave Campbell-Stage 4 Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • Mick Hanauer-Cancer (Nephew of Joelene Netherland)
  • Hunter Fulps-Recovering from Brain Surgery, having headaches
  • Bobby Ely-Cancer (Friend of Patrick Latham)
  • Mary Teehi-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • David Tyler-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate
  • Tami Little & Tasha Petersen-Cancer (Sisters & Nieces of Mavis Strand)
  • Barbara Moore-Stroke (Joe & Edna Jackson’s Daughter-in-law’s mother)
  • Walton Byers-Cancer (Grandson-in-law of Pat Bridges)
  • John Logenberg-Cancer (Dad of Christina Stiefer)
  • Lorena Crook
  • Gavyn Garza-Health Issues (daughter of Kari & Mike Garza)


Chris Forbes, BGCO’s Marketing and Branding Specialist

  • Pray for discernment in the development of communication strategies.
  • Pray for understanding for the best way to prioritize media strategy.
  • Pray that God will be glorified and His name will be glorified.
  • Pray for the Lord’s continued blessing on the ministry of Chris and his wife, Angela.


Akeem and Jamie Smith, Church Planter at Storyline Church in Alameda, CA.

  • Pray that God will give Akeem and Jamie and their team favor with city leaders and provide a venue for them to meet weekly for their church services.

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