Weekly Prayer List

"Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving."
Colossians 4:2


July 29, 2020


  • Pray that our Associate Pastor, Tony Christie, and his family will stay well during the Covid-19 pandemic so they may continue to serve the Lord by meeting the needs of church members and others in the community.
  • Pray for Tony as he prepares and presents a live Wednesday afternoon Bible Study/Prayer Meeting on Facebook’s FBC Prayer page. Pray that God will use this online mid-week, 4pm ministry to encourage and help our members stay connected in the vital ministry of prayer.
  • Pray that the Christie family will continue to serve the Lord with a heart of gladness and expectation, always desiring to lead others to Christ.


  • Pray for the many that are trying to get to their field of service.
  • Pray for Greg and Heather as they search and work where they are.
  • Pray for William Huan as he seeks to get back to West Africa.
  • Pray for strength and patience during the wait.


  • “The field is white unto the Harvest.” We read this in the Bible. So as new opportunities arise in the day’s ahead, may we develop ways to minister to a large population that needs to hear the Gospel of Jesus. They are searching in the pandemic for direction, and we have the answer. JESUS!


Willow Park

  • Denice Campbell #1-E


Stationed in Iraq:
  • Robert McCoy
  • Grady Dacus


  • Chris Renfroe-(Nephew of Sheryl Craft)
  • Jerry Orr - Emergency heart surgery
  • Alberta Bailey-Covid-19 - ICU
  • Sharon Dacus-Knee Surgery 7/22
  • Gaylyn Reeves
  • Evelyn Thurman-Hand infection, surgery CCMH (Granddaughter of Vivian Thurman)
  • Misty Carroll-Head injuries, CCMH
  • Adam Skaggs-Hand surgery
  • Penny Rich-Knee surgery, now at home
  • George Smith- Home recuperating from surgery
  • Helen Mazzo-Melanoma
  • Bob Hale- (Father of Kathy Jennings)
  • Tommy Morgan-Diagnosed with dry macular degeneration
  • Ken Youngstedt-Had his first chemo treatment 7/1-will have another in 3 wks
  • Gerald Branstetter-Home recuperating
  • Russell Shoemate- Cancer, taking more treatments of Chemo/Radiation


  • Daymond McGaughey
  • Phyllis Scott
  • Tom Bevington- (Brother of Mona Bevington)
  • Trudy Sadawski-Throat Cancer (Friend of Joelene Netherland)
  • Betty Iyala-(Friend of Steve Del Ciello)
  • Marcia & Charles Elkins
  • Betty Jordan-Cancer
  • Beth Mercer
  • Debra Daubenspeck-Cancer (Former Member)
  • Weston Glenn-Pray the FOCI will shrink
  • Debbie Daggy- (Sister of Steve Del Ciello)
  • Jimmy Cagle- Cancer
  • Leslie Corbett-COPD (Brother of Madelyn Corbett)
  • Steven Corbett-Lung Cancer (Brother of Madelyn Corbett)
  • Allie Folsom-Home, long recovery ahead (Daughter-in-law of Jacque Talley)
  • Dave Campbell-Stage 4 Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • Jonathan Stone-Health issues
  • Mick Hanauer-Cancer (Nephew of Joelene Netherland)
  • Tami Little -Cancer (Niece of Mavis Strand)
  • Walton Byers-Cancer (Grandson-in-law of Pat Bridges)
  • Gavyn Garza-Health Issues (Daughter of Kari & Mike Garza)
  • Jimmy Johnson- Dementia
  • Denise Campbell & family
  • Mike Finley-back & pain issues


  • To Rick Bailey and family on the passing of his father, Ed Kay.
  • To Cary and Jan McCoy and family on the death of his father, Cary McCoy Jr.  His funeral was Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at the Wyatt-Hart Funeral Home in Walters, OK.
  • To Rex and Muriel Polone on the passing of his brother, Ralph Polone, Tuesday, July 14, 2020 in Pryor, OK. His funeral was Friday, July 18, 2020 in Pryor.
  • To Mike Neff and the family of his uncle, Ed Swift, on his passing, Tuesday, July 14, 2020 in Topeka, KS.


Krystal Krug, Staff Member with Oklahoma State University BCM

  • Pray for their students to be developed into healthy and mature leaders who will make an impact wherever God takes them after college.
  • Pray for Krystal to have a healthy walk with God, not getting caught up in being busy in ministry but seeking God’s direction each day.


Jonathan and Yesenia Santiago, Send Relief, Puerto Rico Ministry Center, Juncos, PR.

  • Pray God continues to protect them and their volunteers as they seek to minister in the hard soil of Puerto Rico.

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