Weekly Prayer List

"Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving."
Colossians 4:2


April 24, 2019


  • Praise the Lord together! Easter Sunday was a wonderful day for worship and the Word of the Lord! Thank God for our Pastor, the tech team and all the musicians God has blessed us with here at FBC.
  • Please pray for safety and protection for the Neff family. Pray for wisdom as Mike and Heather raise their boys, Lane and Cade.
  • Pray for Heather as the teacher’s assistant for pre-k in Elgin Public Schools.
  • Pray for Kingdom Kids and Heaven’s Kids leaders as they make final preparations for the Children’s Choir presentations May 5.


  • Pray for Troy Taylor, Associational Missionary, for wisdom as he helps area churches that have challenges locating pastors, need financial help and have concerns in attendance.
  • Pray as he encourages them and advises them.


  • Pray for Vacation Bible School.
  • Pray for workers, leaders, and staff as great effort will be given to make it appealing to those that we will be ministering to.
  • May our concerns be met and Jesus be praised and lifted up.
  • Continue to pray for AWANA and God’s will be done.



  • Marcelle Bynum #C-34
  • Beth Mercer #A-72
  • Dorthy Smith #E-19-A
  • Edith Ann Smith #B-100-B


  • Jill Kirby
  • Stephen Jackson-Stationed in Kuwait
  • Ryan Parsons
  • Lisa Ewing
  • Chuck Klein-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • Jimmy Cagle-Prostate Cancer (Friend of Bob Cox)
  • Josh Cotton-Cancer (Son of Rhonda & Mark Cotton)
  • David Tyler-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • Weston Glenn-Pray the tumor will shrink (Son of Sandi & Mark Glenn)


  • Area Schools
  • Matt Hardy
  • Scott Bell (Son of Tom & Brenda Bell)
  • Debbie Duvov-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • Kim Winters-Cancer
  • JoAn Maloney
  • Marcia & Charles Elkins
  • Betty Jordan-Cancer
  • Beth Mercer
  • Phyllis Scott
  • Michelle Minter
  • JoAnn Alford (Mother of Penny Rich)
  • Awanda Glover
  • Doris Prichard
  • William Arnold
  • Marcelle Bynum
  • Joyce Meadors
  • Goober Hastings-On Hospice Care
  • Russell Shoemate-Cancer (Son of Bill & Helen Shoemate)
  • Loretta John-Cancer
  • Denny Latham-Lymphoma
  • Dave Campbell-Stage 4 Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)


Ray Strauss, Church Planter of East Edmond Community Church

  • Pray for East Edmond Community Church (EECC) to grow in peace, strength and fear of the Lord.
  • Pray for EECC to establish and implement strong ministries to reach many with the Good News.
  • Pray for EECC to be a reproducing church in Oklahoma and beyond.
  • Pray for the Lord’s continued blessing on the ministry of Ray and his wife, Christina.


Bryan and Jodi Shippey, Church Planter of Banner Hill Church, Framingham, MA

  • Pray that Bryan and Jodi will see the many conversations they are having with people in Framingham about Jesus turn into gospel conversations as people become all in for Jesus.

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