It seems like just yesterday when we welcomed Patrick Latham and his family into our church, but it was an exciting 5 1⁄2 years. We have seen growth in both our Sunday School and church attendance. We have seen several new classes started, and we have been able to consolidate spaces in order to have all our classes meeting without having to cross a street. What a blessing it has been to see such growth in our young adult area and in the nursery.

As we go forward, we have many challenges presenting themselves. We now have a Pastor Search Committee in place, and if you have not heard, it consists of Jonathan Pickett as Chairman, Bob Cox, Gary Hart, Dan Horton, Stacy Hart, Mary Bradley and Jack Newell. The first alternate is Aileen Sadler, and the second alternate is Kay Means. Please be in constant prayer as this committee searches for the pastor who God is already preparing for us. They are beginning to meet this week, and if you haven’t already joined or started a cottage prayer group, I would encourage you to either start one or join one.

We have a wonderful staff on the ground that needs our continued support and prayers. It is my prayer that we would each continue to give our tithes and offerings, and please continue to give your pledge to the Vision 2020 Campaign. Let us continue to lift up each other in our prayers that we may continue to worship and praise God in all that we do, that He might bless us in the coming days.

Gary Bradley
Deacon Chairman

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