We have had a different kind of year in missions this year. We have been able to serve our community in a mighty way and we will continue to have many more opportunities this year to serve and love on our community. The Lord has blessed First Baptist with people who are willing to give of their time and finances to help spread the Gospel.

We will be focusing on Missions in the State of Oklahoma this month. The State Missions Offering is named for one of our earliest mission pioneers, Edna McMillan. Edna and her husband George settled in Muskogee in 1902 and later spent most of their lives in Bristow. Edna served as state WMU (Women’s Missionary Union) President for 11 years from 1927-1938. In 1939 the WMU board voted unanimously to name the State Missions Offering in her honor. She spent tireless hours and hundreds of miles on the road to promote giving to Oklahoma State Missions. She never accepted a penny for her services.

Edna and George believed it was important to stay connected to service in Oklahoma as well as other parts of the world.

The Edna McMillan offering goal for First Baptist Lawton is $10,000 and will be collected during the month of September, 2020. Every dollar is spent in and for Oklahoma for church planting, disaster relief, college ministry, and evangelism projects. Please be in prayer for what God would have you give this year. Thank you church for how you give to Missions!

Make sure you check out the prayer guides online and be aware of how you can pray this month. The focus this year has to do with ministers, ministers wives, and the families of the ministers. I know you praying for the staff here at FBC Lawton, and we are grateful. We as ministers covet your prayers and thank you for standing in the gap for us. Please continue to seek out opportunities and creative ways to pray for the ministers of our church as well as ministers across this state.

Aaron Myers
Associate Pastor of Families

One thought on “Edna McMillan Missions Offering

  1. “If I had not heard
    I would not have known”

    A statement many Oklahomans could say about life before knowing Christ.
    When they see Christians loving each other, they have a new hope that they too can be loved and cared for.

    The Holy Spirit is opening their ears to hear the Gospel.
    Our hearts are overflowing with new life
    to tell,
    to say in Action Steps,
    “God loves you.
    God sent His Son, Jesus
    Jesus loves you.”

    Jesus says,
    “I am come
    that they might have life, and
    that they might have it more abundantly.”
    (John 10:10b KJV)

    Heartfelt financial giving to the Edna McMillan Missions Offering brings joy to our souls, making us well and puts both feet to our prayers.

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