­Fellowship.  The Scriptures teach us of the need to fellowship with other believers.  We need a place where we can get one-on-one and life-on-life with other believers. We have similar trials, successes, prayer requests, interest, kids, families, and beliefs.

Sunday School classes are a great place to have that Christian fellowship.  We get the chance to spend an hour every Sunday morning and develop relationships with that we can have both in, and out of, the walls of our church with other believers that are in the same stage of life that we are in.  While some of us may not be in the same stage in or our walk with our Lord as the rest of the group, that is part of the strength of Christian fellowship.  We can encourage and receive encouragement.  We can grow our walk as a team.  We have others to go to when we have issues in life that have the same interest we do.  Growing closer to our Savior.

Now we have the opportunity to start a new fellowship group.  Adult 8.  This group will create an opportunity newly married couples to focus on fellowshipping, studying, and growing with couples just like them.  Lets all pray and support this new group starting on Oct 2nd.  Look for another group to start for 40-50 year olds in the coming weeks. And continue to invite, promote, and tell others about the great things going on at FBC, as we are ready to start more small fellowship groups!

blog-jayJay Grigg

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