Who would you say are the “First Faces’ of FBC Lawton?  Most of us would probably say – “well, that would be our Pastor – our Staff – probably our Deacons”.  This would not be a wrong answer, but these for the most part would not be the first faces that we or a visitor come in contact with as we arrive on Sunday morning.

Greeters are actually the “First Faces” of FBC.  When visitors and church members alike walk through the doors of our church, greeters are the first people we see.   They offer the gift of warmhearted hospitality.   Their friendliness and guidance provide visitors with a feeling of comfort and help that orients them so that their enjoyment and involvement in our church activities are made easier.

Greeting is not just a task do be done, it is a ministry.  It is helping people to know and experience the welcome and hospitality of God.  Greeters are a reflection of our Pastor and of our church.  Greeters are people who really do care about people and who want them to experience our Lord in the worship service, in small groups, and in other settings in the church.

Greeters are not mentioned by name in the scriptures – but, the Lord did make reference to doorkeepers as being a positive position in which to serve. (Ps 84:10) and Jesus said “Very truly, I tell you, whoever receives one whom I send receives me” (Jn 13:20) and “I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.” (Mat 25:35).  I think the Lord placed a pretty good emphasis on greeting and hospitality. 

If you think your gifts lend themselves to this ministry – We Need You! – and would love to have you in our rotation.  Your Assimilation Team.

bob-coxBob Cox

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