Thank you Church Family for your thoughts and prayers for us as we traveled to France. We traveled to Vitré and Paris, France. Vitré is located 3 hours west of Paris, in a region called Brittany.

Pastor Patrice and his family are serving at a church of about 110 people in Vitré. They own their own building and are teaching doctrine, building relationships and loving people. The population in Vitré is about 17,000 with about 20,000 more in surrounding towns and villages. The majority of the population is Catholic. For many today, Patrice’s church is considered a cult. Attending a church other than the Catholic Church means a change of identity and often even rejection from their family. We heard this first hand from some of the members of the church.

One morning the men attended a breakfast where 15 came to fellowship. Nine different nationalities were represented. Jack led the bible study and Gary shared  his testimony along with several men from France. The ladies attended a tea with 25 women present. I gave my testimony to begin the event, Stephanie sang and Alece led a bible study. It was a moving time as we shared our hearts with them. We were able to be part of a worship service on Sunday morning where Jay preached the gospel, Stephanie sang and Jack shared his testimony.

This mission statement written on the wall in the front of the church was Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.” I can tell you that our team went on this trip not ashamed of the gospel, trusting minute by minute that the Lord had gone before us and would use US in any way that He could to encourage, lift up, witness to and simply love on the people.

Stacy Hart
Church Member

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