Life as we know it is changing THIS MONTH.

The Martians are here and more are coming every day.  I have seen them!

There is one over my back fence, 2 across the street, 3 or 4 up on the corner…

No, wait!  They’re just short people:  school’s out. 

Whew, that’s a relief.  However, my original premise is still true for at least a couple of months.  Uber-Mom and Uber-Dad are still in business:  different destinations and different time schedules but still in business.  For those who dare to venture outside (where is that?), more showers, more laundry, scrapes and bruises, etc.  And the taller of this brood are opting for longer hours in the horizontal position perhaps in a vain attempt to avoid a summer ‘job’ or the dreaded home chores.

Yes, it will be different.  Not to mention Vacation Bible School, CrossTimbers, Falls Creek, and packing to go to Grandmas.  Yup, being members of AARP does not insulate us from the life changing summer onslaught of new highly charged activity.

While your household may be in a bit of unusual chaos, our God is just the same.   He is still there, He is still organized, and He still has a plan for you and all of your little Martians.  Imagine that this may be a great time to talk to Him, really add depth to your relationship with Him and see how prayer and His guidance can matter in your life.

As you strive to successfully cope with the summer chaos (and you will), do not forget about your Church and your Church family.  Others are there for you just as you are there for others.  Teaching moments abound.  The taller one has become vertical and has a job.  That equals income. That raises the opportunity to teach money responsibility and to be sure raises the discussion of remembering that the Lord asked for the best and first of your gleanings:  your tithe.

For the rest of us, while we are preparing for vacation, Ubering, or whatever, remember the work of the ministry goes on.  We are still in the business of exposing the unsaved to Christ and winning souls to Him. 

Let us all be aware that we need to keep our tithes and offerings consistent through the summer months despite the Martian invasion.

Bill Malone

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