The Living Christmas Tree is the largest outreach ministry event that we have at FBC Lawton. The 36th edition of this annual event – “At Last Noel” is only 2 weeks away.

The LCT reaches right at 3500 people each year. Most of those attending probably have a church home but hundreds do not. It is never just a coincidence when an unchurched person shows up at our front door. The Lord through some source or means has strategically and intentionally led them here.

At the end of each of our performances, every visitor is given an opportunity to register as our guest. They are also given an opportunity to receive Christ and indicate if they have an interest in FBC. The number of attendees receiving Christ for the first time – rededication's – and those desiring interest in our church often times reaches tens to close to a hundred or more.

Outreach is a part of our Assimilation Process. When the Lord sends a visitor to our house – we reciprocate. The LCT provides us numerous prospects to follow up on and visit - many of whom have or are ready to receive Christ and/or are looking for a church home. Our prayer and our mission is to reach people for Christ – the
Lord provides the harvest and He expects His people to provide the Workers.

The Lord will answer our prayer – so come be a Worker in following up on our LCT prospects on December 14, 21 and January 11, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. Mat. 9: 37-38.

bob-coxBob Cox

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