#LOVE LAWTON began in January 2018 with many of our church members signing up to be involved, on Wednesday evenings, with meeting needs and sharing Christ. We started by handing out approximately 140 cases of water, gospel tracts, and FBC info cards at storefronts throughout Lawton. In the midst of helping people with their physical need for water we shared with them the spiritual need for the “Living Water”. We also prayed with people about their other needs as well. It was an exciting and moving experience for all involved.

Since the beginning of this ministry those involved in #LOVE LAWTON have enjoyed being engaged in various evangelism/ministry projects all aimed at sharing the love of Christ with those in our city. Sometimes our efforts were met with puzzled expressions and disbelief that anyone would care enough to share the love of Christ in such practical ways. Through the ministry of #LOVE LAWTON God has given us many opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people in our community. We are also inviting people to Sunday School, worship services, and other church activities.

Each month we have a newly themed outreach project. In September our theme was “Lighting Up Lawton With The Love Of Christ”.  During the month we have gone into our neighborhoods giving away flashlights, key chain lights, light bulbs, and multi-purpose lighters, and all the while pointing others to the Light of the World.

Please pray and ask the Lord to give us maximum impact as we reach out to Lawton with the love of Christ. Why not come and join us on Wednesday nights, at 6:00, in the Fellowship Hall, as we go out to love Lawton?

Tony Christie
Associate Pastor

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