In the month of November we at First Baptist Lawton have the opportunity to give to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. This special offering is named after a tiny woman from Virginia who gave her life to share the Gospel in China more than a century ago. Today the offering supports 3500 full time missionaries and their families. When you give, 100% of your dollars goes directly to support these missionary families as they share the Gospel, and it enables them to have funding for projects that will reach the people groups in their area.

In 2019 Southern Baptists gave over $159 million dollars, the second highest offering total in the more than 150 years of the offering being collected. So with your giving more hurting people are helped because more missionaries can go and stay on the field. The most important thing is that more lost people continue to hear the Gospel message. Missionaries reported in 2019 that 827 people groups around the world were engaged with the Gospel. They estimate that 535,325 people were presented the Gospel and at least 47,900 people reached salvation and were baptized. Lottie Moon offerings in 2019 helped to start 12,368 new churches and provide 33,068 national pastors theological training.

Even as the offering was taken in 2019 we had no idea how far reaching the impact of the Covid 19 virus would be in our world but even now the Gospel is being shared. Missionaries are using funds to buy masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and even food for people who are in need all around the world. A missionary in Peru and a

nurse serving in East Asia report that providing food has greatly increased their opportunity to engage people. The nurse said that people in her neighborhood that had been hostile were touched by her checking on their health and had started friendly dialogue with her family.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to share in the Kingdom work through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and accept the challenge to pray for Southern Baptist missionaries as they shine the light of Christ around the world. We at First Baptist Lawton want to be a part of this great mission effort.

Jack Newell
Missions Team Leader

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