People often ask me what my favorite thing about being a pastor is. That is a difficult question for me because there is so much that I love about the calling that God has placed on my life. Obviously, I love leading people to Jesus. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a lost soul come to repentance. However, leading someone to Jesus is not unique to pastors. Every believer has the calling to be an evangelist and gets to rejoice in the salvation of those they share with. This last Sunday I was able to preach on one of my favorite “things” about being a pastor; seeing believers understand who they are in Christ and what they are made to do. God has gifted every single believer with spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, and resources. As we discover our G.T.A.R. (Gifts, Talents, Abilities, and Resources.) and mature in our faith, we have clarity in God’s purpose for our lives. As a pastor I love seeing the light come on for each of you. I love seeing you function in your GTAR. I love seeing the ministry that is accomplished and the difference that it makes within our church and community.

I love FBC Lawton and I truly believe that the Lord has many great plans for us! My encouragement to each of you is to take to heart what Paul said regarding the gifts that God has given to His children. He said that God gave us these gifts and that they are used in proportion to our faith. Meaning that the depth of our walk with God directly affects the potency of the gifts that God has given us. Walk with God by daily reading and meditating on the Word of God. Spend time in fervent prayer to seek the heart of God. Practice instant obedience. These basic spiritual disciplines fuel the impact of our gifts as they are used to edify the body of believers that we call the church. Just like God designed.

Our best days are ahead of us, but they will not come unless we are good stewards of today. I love you church and I love that we get to do life together.

Mike Keahbone
Senior Pastor

One thought on “Making a Decisive Commitment

  1. “Practice Instant Obedience” you say!
    Ugh …no Beuno…
    Prior to no Beuno (Not Good)
    IS Beuno (Good)!

    What is the Good, preceding the seemingly unattainable “Instant Obedience”, you say?
    ● Reading and
    ● Meditating on the Word of God.
    ● Spend time in fervent prayer
    to seek the heart of God.”

    Pastor, like many Followers of Jesus, at FBC walking His Way, I’m
    Reading my personal copy of the Bible and
    Praying often
    Getting better at the “fervent prayer” part and
    Seeking the “Heart of God” part.

    Our Lord says the future is Beuno!

    •Roll your works upon the Lord
    [commit and trust them wholly to Him;
    He will cause your thoughts
    to become agreeable to His will, and]
    •so shall your plans be established and succeed.
    (Proverbs 16:3 AMPC)

    Love, Gary and Karen

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