Our mediaIn our interest to provide as much of a rich media experience as possible, we have created our media area. Forms of rich media currently available are audio and video podcasts. You may browse what is available following the menus on the right. You may play the media directly on our site or you may download the media files for use on your home computer or portable device.

Our podcast media currently consists of the weekly morning worship service. Some of the special events at the church are also recorded and made availble here also .

We also have direct iTunes feeds available where you can subscribe to either audio or video podcasts and automatically download them as they become available.

The iTunes feed for the video content that consists of video mp4 files is available with this video link.

The iTunes feed for the audio content that consists of audio mp3 files is available with this audio link.

You can subscribe directly to these feeds in iTunes and automatically be updated as they are created weekly.

We create a weekly Baptist Messenger cover page that is distributed by mail to our members. The cover page is also made availble as a pdf download following the link at the right of the page.