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Sunday Sermons

Datesort icon Title Scripture Reference Speaker View
07/18/2010 Sins of Speech: Are They More Than Just Words? Returning To Holiness - Part Five Shane Hall view
07/11/2010 Remember Your First Love Returning To Holiness - Part Four Dennis Dawson view
07/04/2010 Onward Christian Soldier II Timothy 2: 1-7 Shane Hall view
06/27/2010 Sins Of Thought: What Are You Thinking About? Returning To Holiness - Part Three Shane Hall view
06/20/2010 Is There a Belief In Jesus That Does Not Save? Returning To Holiness - Part Two Shane Hall view
06/13/2010 The Need For Holiness Returning To Holiness - Part One Shane Hall view
06/06/2010 Then Jesus Cried Out John 12:44-50 Shane Hall view
05/30/2010 How Will You Be Remembered? John 12:23-26 Shane Hall view
05/23/2010 The People Around Jesus John 12:1-11 Shane Hall view
05/16/2010 The How, Why And What Of Giving Giving back What Belongs To Him - Pt 4, II Corinthians 9:7-15 Shane Hall view