Discipleship University

Our Fall 2018  Discipleship classes will take place over 8 weeks (September 9 - November 4).  Kick-off will be Sunday, September 9 at 5:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

The semester's classes include the following:

  • Beginnings: The Bible's Account Of Creation

Patrick Latham, Fellowship Hall

  • Revival and Revivalism, The Making and Marring of Evangelicalism

Jay Grigg, Room 210

  • God, As He longs for You to see Him

Tony Christie, Room 209

  • How To Share Jesus Without Freaking Out

Dan Horton, Room 208D

  • Youth Bible Study

Aaron Meyers, Youth Room

  • Kingdom Kids Choir

Carey Woesner & Mike Neff, West Building/Children's Building

Handouts for Patrick's session Beginnings: The Bible's Account Of Creation