I love you First Baptist Family! As I sit typing this article my heart is bursting with joy over you! This last Sunday was significant and special. The Holy Spirit of God fell on us and it blessed my soul to see our response. Many flooded to the altar asking God to remove any and everything that hindered us in our relationship with our heavenly Daddy. Our worship was truly in Spirit and Truth. God is molding us and making us into the church that He wants us to be and the church that our community needs. Amen!

I also witnessed my first ever Operation Christmas Child packing party! We packed 1,000 boxes in 40 minutes!!! Are you kidding me??? That would be 25 boxes per minute! Mary Swafford and her incredible team did an amazing job to make everything run so smooth. Billie Osborn, Dan Horton, Bob Cox and a host of helpers made sure that every helper was fed and ready to work. As a pastor, I was so proud to see so many people serve the Lord and prepare boxes that will share the Gospel with the world! Hallelujah!

Finally, these next two weeks I will miss seeing your beautiful faces. I will be in Joplin, Missouri this weekend sharing the Gospel with teenagers and next weekend I will be enjoying time away with my family. This Sunday you will be hearing from Kenny Mossman, the Senior Associate Athletic Director for the University of Oklahoma. He is a wonderful man of God and you will love hearing from him. The following Sunday you will hear from Troy Taylor. Troy is the Director of Missions for Comanche Cotton Baptist Association. He has an incredible testimony and will be a blessing to you. I do not just let anyone fill the pulpit. You can rest assured that those who preach at our church are called by God to preach and teach the Word.

My family and I have been running hard the last three months and are looking forward to a little time away reconnecting and just enjoying each other. Church family, I love you. Thank you for letting me be your pastor.

Mike Keahbone
Senior Pastor

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