Good news! It’s time for Operation Christmas Child (OCC)! Our bulk packing party will be November 10th  after the children’s musical performance.   

Our bulk packing party is a fast-paced, fun-time event for children and parents. Your help is needed in various ways: you can re-stock the assembly tables; you can rubber-band the filled shoeboxes before they are packed in shipping cartons; or you can pack the filled shoeboxes in shipping cartons. We have supplies on-hand to pack four types of shoeboxes: Boys 5-9; Girls 5-9; Boys 10-14; and Girls 10-14. This year we will pack 250 shoeboxes for each type of shoebox – that’s a total of 1,000 shoeboxes! Each shoebox contains school items, hygiene items, an article of clothing, and something for fun. Most importantly, we need to add a prayer for the child who receives the shoebox. The actual packing of 1,000 shoeboxes usually takes about 30 minutes. It’s fast-paced (and fun)! 

OCC is a global charity that distributes small gifts in shoeboxes to children around the world. For many of these children, the gift-filled shoebox is the first gift they have ever received. However, it’s the message of the Gospel that is more valuable than the contents of the shoebox. OCC is one of the ministries of Samaritan’s Purse – a nondenominational Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to victims of war, natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty, and persecution in more than 100 countries, with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ. In the more than 100 receiving countries, shoebox gifts are used by local Christians as a strategy for evangelism, discipleship, and the multiplication of believers and churches in their communities. 

First Baptist Lawton has supported OCC for the past ten years. In addition to our bulk packing party, FBC Lawton is a central collection site during national collection week. National collection week will be November 18-25. Your help is needed as greeters (greeters welcome and pray with shoebox donors) or as intake persons (intake persons collect, count, and pack the shoeboxes in shipping cartons). We collected 5,840 shoeboxes from our area last year and expect to collect as many, or more, this year.

Shoeboxes are also available for individuals who want to pack their own boxes.

Question: What is the first thing to pack in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox? Answer: Prayer!

To volunteer for the packing party or for national collection week, text or call Mary Swafford at 281-851-9389.

Mary Swafford
OCC Organizer

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