While we haven’t been able to gather together as a church and so many of our activities have come to a screeching halt, one of the advantages we have had as a search committee is we have been able to have more focused time to conduct our search for our next pastor.  As I have shared, we have continued to meet regularly, sometimes a little creatively, as a committee.  We have taken advantage of this time to spend good time in prayer, have open and honest discussions about where we are as a church and where we are going, and listened to a lot of sermons.  I think we have reached our sermon quota for the year.

On June 14th, I shared that we are at a critical time in our search process, and I urged us as a church to focused prayer for discernment for the committee.  The focus for us as a committee has been to try and put our personal preferences aside and really ask the Lord to lead us to the individual He has for us.  I’m confident that if you spoke to any individual from the committee, they would testify to how the Lord has moved in each one of our lives individually and as a group to bring us to a place of unity.

We are at an exciting time as we have zeroed in on the individual we believe God is leading us to.  I want to encourage you to prepare your hearts.  These next few weeks are going to be important in the life of our church.  I encourage you to do everything you can to stay tuned in these next few Sundays – whether that’s in person or through one of our various media outlets.  I promise, you are not going to want to miss what we have to share!

Mary Bradley, Stacy Hart, Bob Cox, Gary Hart, Dr. Horton, Jack Newell, and myself have a huge responsibility, and we don’t take it lightly.  The Lord has moved among us and we can hardly wait to share what He is doing.  So, we urge you to pray, pray, pray.  And we urge you to join us for the next few weeks of Sunday morning church.  Be a part and allow the Lord to draw us together! 

Johnathan Pickett
Pastor Search Committee Chair

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