I love you First Baptist Family! I missed you so much! You have become such a beautiful and important part of my life and I truly did miss being with you this last Sunday. I was in Joplin, Missouri
and had the opportunity to share the Gospel throughout the weekend at an event for FBC Joplin. I am happy to report that many were saved and many more recommitted their hearts and lives to the Lord! I love it that OUR ministry extends across the country.
Thank you for being a blessing to my friend Kenny Mossman. He absolutely loved preaching at FBC and reminded me that I was the most blessed pastor in the state. I already knew that! I love and trust Kenny and hope that he was a blessing to you. The Lord is doing a great work in Kenny’s life and he is currently pursuing a call to pastor. Our church, by allowing him to preach, has made a powerful
investment in his ministry.
I love you FBC! Please pray for my family and me as we take some time to refresh and reload for the
coming year.

Mike Keahbone
Senior Pastor

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