Like all of us, I have been very fortunate to have been able to attend schools and services in buildings that were provided by others.  I am particularly thankful for the members of First Baptist Church, past and present, who had the vision to construct our wonderful facilities.  I often hear that many Lawtonians wish their church had marvelous property like FBC’s.   

Our current Worship Center and adjoining complex is over 40 years old, over twice the age of the former sanctuary that burned in 1973. We upgraded some carpeting and a ladies restroom decades ago, and now we need to continue to improve our property by creating a new Welcome Center, further enlarging and modernizing our restrooms, and updating our flooring and other interior finishes. 

I am excited to have a part in this project and consider it a privilege to participate in funding improvements to the church’s property, which is so integral to our lives.  The buildings are like a second home to many of us since we spend, after home and work, much of our remaining time here.  My family will be making a sacrificial gift to the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign, and I urge you to prayerfully consider what you can give to assist your church in this endeavor.     

An informational brochure and commitment card have been prepared that show how we all, working together as a church family, can raise the needed funds.  Please take this opportunity to contemplate how you can best help in this effort.  Your weekly or monthly contribution, whether it is large or small, will help us reach our goal.  We need to make these gifts in addition to our regular giving so that the church’s annual budget will not be adversely affected. 

The Renovation Committee and church staff have spent many hours in prayer and preparation for this process.  Please join us in supporting this undertaking to enhance our facilities and make them more hospitable for future members and guests. 

Your generous contribution will impact many for years to come.  Thank you for praying for Vision 2020 and for being such a giving church!

Jeff Sadler
Vice – Chair Building Renovation Team

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