Pre-School Security

  • If it is your first time taking your child to the nursery, please bring or stop at the security desk outside of the nursery area and pick up a registration form. Please make sure you obtain a security badge from the preschool leader on duty at the security desk.
  • At your child’s room, fill out the sign-in sheet and the information sheet for your child.

Guidelines for Parents

  • Bring your child to church regularly. Talk to your child about the fun time they have at church. Regular attendance makes things easier for you and your child. Sporadic attendance can cause anxiety and fear in a young child.
  • Don’t linger to long after you drop off your child. Lingering prolongs your child’s transition and may add to his/her anxiety.

Mission Statement

Preschool and Children's ministries exist to provide an environment where children can discover, experience, and cultivate their personal relationship with Jesus Christ through bible study, fellowship, and fun. Our goal is to lead children and their families to Christ and to equip them to become passionate followers of Christ.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

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