What to Bring With Your Preschooler

Each time you come to the nursery area, please bring a diaper bag that is clearly labeled with your child’s name and contains the items listed below. Please make sure all of the items are clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Health Policy

We ask that you show teachers and other parents the same concern and Christian courtesy that you want shown to you by not bringing a child who is ill into a preschool room. The recommendations below are form the American Academy of Pediatrics.

A child should not be taken from the home when any of the following exist:

New & Expectant Parents

Today’s young families often find themselves away from home and extended family at times when they are needed the most. One of the most critical times is when the family discovers they are expecting a new baby either through adoption or natural birth.

First Discoveries

First Discoveries (Parents Day Out)

First Discoveries-Parents Day Out (PDO) is a ministry of First Baptist Church of Lawton. Our mission is to develop children to fulfill God’s purpose of worship and service.

Extended Session

This teaching time occurs during the morning worship service for children birth through five years of age. It is an “extension” of the Bible study time children experience from 9:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Through play and active interaction with loving caregivers, children discover God’s world and foundational Bible truths.

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