I love you FBC! Can you believe that we are almost two whole months into our relationship! I think it is getting pretty serious! One of the exciting blessings of being a brand new pastor is getting to experience all of the “firsts”. My first sermon, my first day in the office, and my first conversations with my new church family. All of these things have been sweet and cherished.

This last Sunday I experienced my first business meeting! I absolutely LOVED it! Not just because it was another “first”, but because of all that we celebrated together and thanked the Lord for. Let me give you a quick recap:

Cary McCoy, our Finance Committee Chairman, let us know that we were in the best financial shape that we have experienced in over ten years! Hallelujah! In and of itself that is incredible and praiseworthy. Add COVID-19 to the equation and it becomes miraculous. We stopped to pray and thank the Lord for His provision and bounty during this time.

Are you ready for this? Since the beginning of the year we have added 31 new members to our church family!!! The Lord is growing our family! Obviously, we stopped to pray and thank the Lord for those He has sent us. It was a sweet time.

Finally, I announced to the church that we were making a staff transition that will help prepare FBC for the incredible growth that we are about to see. Mike Neff, our current Worship Pastor, will be transitioning to become our new Church Administrator. Mike is a man of God who is gifted in so many different areas. One of those powerful gifts is administration. His expertise, experience, and heart for our church placed him as a priority transition. I am looking forward to his impact on our church as we begin this transition. Mike will be leaned on heavily to guide us towards an interim and will be crucial in our search for a new Worship Pastor. If local mandates allow for us to have The Living Christmas Tree, Mike will obviously lead this year. Mike is excited about this transition and I am too! Be in earnest prayer for all of these things. These are exciting times at FBC Lawton!

I love you, church, and I am so thankful and humbled to be your pastor.

Mike Keahbone
Senior Pastor

One thought on “Thankful & Humbled

  1. OhLord&Master,
    ThankYou Jesus for all of this wisdom led word, Your report of Holy Spirit working in our lives!

    Thanks Church for our new Church Administrator and the path we’ll walk together in finding God’s person with the Gifts of Worship and Praise…☆

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