There is an old saying,”If you build it, they will come”. We could change that just a little and say, “If you invite them they will come”. Well maybe they would and maybe they will not. For sure if you don’t invite them they are unlikely to come. During the month of August, we are having an invite emphasis using TrueLife invite cards. is a Christian website that you can go to and get scripture based answers to life’s questions. TrueLife has developed a strategy to invite people to church using TrueLife invite cards. These cards will have our church information printed on one side and information about the TrueLife website on the other side. As you encounter people at work, at gas station, restaurants or where ever you go, hand them a card and invite them to our church. Also, let them know that they can go to and seek answers to questions they might have about life’s problems,

Studies have shown only about 2% of church members regularly invite someone to church. With the TrueLife invite cards, churches have seen that number increase to over 70% of church members inviting others to church. Churches that have used this tool have seen significant increase in their attendance. I would like to challenge you to take 5 cards and hand them out inviting people to visit our church. Are you going to be in that 2% or 70%? It is up to ALL church members to invite. Do you want to see our church grow and reach people for Christ? Pick up some cards in the foyer and get to work.

Dr. Dan Horton

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