This post is for church leaders, but if you’re not on payroll at a church do not stop reading yet. When I say “church leader,” I mean any Christian who is invested in the mission of our church and desperate to see change in our community. We all have the potential to be leaders in our church and communities, and it’s time for us to act. We are constantly hearing that the church is on the decline. Often, we see people leave church after a bad experience. While the message of the gospel is never changing, we are convinced that sports can be a strategy to reach our community, a new door for people to discover (or rediscover) church. Cue Upward Sports theme music!

There is no doubt that sports are popular in the United States and especially right now here in Lawton and the surrounding communities. Up until some most recent events, statistics showed that over 60% of Americans think pro athletes have more influence in American society than do professional faith leaders (Barna 2013) Wow that’s hard to hear. Some would say that sports are culturally more relevant in our communities than church. That’s sad, but it’s the world we live in. Here’s some good news though, allowing sports to intersect with faith, we can connect families and young athletes with the church community and by using sports to communicate greater truths we can open their hearts to Jesus. Sports give us opportunities to build relationships with people who may need Jesus. Come volunteer for the exciting outreach program, let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

Mike Garza
Upward Commissioner 

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