With the fall months upon us, we are getting ready to have Upward sports return. Upward sports is an organization that helps reach kids K5-5th grade with the Word of God through participating in sports. We will have two different categories of sports to choose from, one of them being basketball. This is where the kids will take part in having one practice a week with their coach, learn basic basketball skills, and have a devotional during halftime at practice. They will also take part in games once a week against other teams in the league according to the child’s grade level. During halftime the kids and parents will be able to listen to a devotional, after which the games will continue. 

We will also have different cheer teams that can be participated in during the season as well. These teams will meet once a week to learn new cheers just like the basketball practice. They will also hear a devotional during practice led by their coach. During game days the cheerleaders will preform the cheers that they have learned on the sidelines for the teams and the parents. They too will have the chance to listen to a devotional during halftime along with their parents.

During the regular Upward season we as church members will have the opportunity to minister to the parents and children on a regular basis. This is a great way for us to share the Gospel to the lost. Please be in prayer for this wonderful event, and if you would like to volunteer your time as a coach, scoreboard tech, or referee, please contact the church of offices for more information.

blog-christianChristian Lloyd
Preschool & Children Pastor

5 thoughts on “Upward Sports

  1. Trying to find link to register for basketball and pay online for registration? Could not find it? Would someone please call me
    (580) 583-6254

    Child is 9 years old, 3rd grade.

  2. Hey, I have been trying to register but it wont let me. Now it lets me in but says registration is over. PLEASE call me 580-919-9965

    Gayla Young

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