Upward Sports asks of its athletes to: Play with Passion.  Play with Purpose.   Passion is defined as “strong and barely controllable emotion”, we all are passionate about one thing or another, in our own way. Another definition of Passion is “the suffering and death of Jesus.”  Wow what a strong and barely controllable emotion Jesus showed for us, can you imagine that amount of love and passion?

Playing with Purpose means you make smart decisions, improve in your physical development, discover your life’s purpose, and put others needs before your own.  It’s more than just the game;  it is every practice, every drill, every pivot, every pass and shot.  Become more than just an athlete.  The driving purpose behind Upward Sports is a desire to help young athletes Play With Purpose.

I truly believe sports help to build a child’s teamwork skills, provide lifelong memories, and friendships.  Sports taught me things about myself that have helped guide me in my life. That was the value of sports for me.  The characteristics that sports will teach our children will stay with them forever; some good and maybe some bad. Lets just try to avoid the latter.  I believe sports and life have many similarities,  for example, sports require conforming to structured rules and submitting to higher authority.  No matter how talented an individual may be, they must abide by the rules set forth by the game and the referees that enforce them.  The adults coaching are teaching the children something far more than a game. They are teaching how to succeed in life. Sports teach the important lesson that nothing in life is worth having that isn’t earned.  When a child, who is too small or too slow or not good enough, perseveres by trying again and again, he develops a quality necessary for future success–he learns how to overcome great obstacles.

Possibly the greatest trait that sports will ever teach our children is the ability to work alongside other people for a  common purpose.  No one can do it all on their own, everyone needs help along the way. Sports above all else teaches this lesson vividly.   Parents be involved with teaching your athletes to Play with Passion and Play with Purpose.

Mike Garza
Upward Commissioner

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  1. This is Anthony Hollaway’s mom. Ann Hollaway. When are the tryouts this month for Basketball? Anthony is in 4th grade this year. I don’t see the registration being open to register on the church website

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