As a volunteer, you are giving much more than just your energy and time. You are sharing your life experiences, faith, and passion for sports to impact the lives of young athletes so that they have the opportunity to grow mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially as they prepare for success in the game, and in life.

Coaches make a difference in the lives of young athletes by helping teach skills and values for success. Come use your talents and passion for sports to make sure each player feels welcome, appreciated, inspired, and confident. If you are more on the rules side that’s great, we have a place where you can be the one who makes the necessary calls, upholds the integrity of the game, and helps athletes improve their understanding of the sport, come be a Referee.

Lastly, if you feel these spots are not your calling, but you still feel God calling, let’s get together and pray for guidance in placing you in the life of a child through Upward! We are so blessed by the service of volunteers, who help ensure that our programs run smoothly and soundly. Referees, scorekeepers, concession stand workers – there are so many different volunteer opportunities available across all of our program offerings. We are inspired and encouraged every day by the efforts of our volunteers. Know that you are making an incredible positive impact on not just our organization, but on the players and coaches that you are serving.

Contact Mike Garza if you are interested in Coaching, being a Referee or helping in any other area with Upward. You make a difference and we are thankful for what you do.

Aaron Myers
Associate Pastor of Families

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