This week we have the opportunity to celebrate a holiday called Thanksgiving. Hopefully, we all will enjoy time with family, friends and too much food. Sometimes we think Thanksgiving Day is a day set aside to reflect on those things in our lives that have happened over the last year. We as believers should continually give thanks for what God has given us.

As crazy as 2020 has been, as a church, we have many visible things to be thankful for. One, calling Mike Keahbone as our pastor. He has already been an incredible blessing to my family. I hope everyone will take time to experience his love for you, First Baptist Church and this community. Two, we have opened our doors again for corporate worship. Three, a major change happening is the beautiful remodel project called Vision 2020. I know there are church members who still have not had the opportunity to see the changes being made. A few incredible changes that have been a long time coming are: the new defined front entrance, welcome center, bathrooms, paint and floor coverings. The contractors have made major progress this past month. All these changes are being made with this goal in mind. We are striving to present a lasting first impression for our guests as we share the good news of Jesus Christ so lives are changed.

I would personally like to thank all who have made financial commitments to this project. The giving to date has been amazing. At this time, we have not had to borrow any money. We have been able to pay as we go. We are currently at a point come December where we will need to borrow money previously approved by the church to finish the project. We as a staff ask that you continue your faithful giving above your tithe toward this much needed improvement. Some commitments were made as an annual pledge payment and many were made as monthly or weekly pledge payments. Prayfully evaluate where you stand with your pledge or consider a new pledge. Let us continue to fulfill our commitments toward Vision 2020.

Reed Johnson
Property Superintendent

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