As the Vice-Chairman of the Renovation Team, I am excited to report that the Vision 2020 project is proceeding smoothly. Those of you who have been attending church services have noticed the demolition of the walls, ceiling tiles, and floor coverings, among other things. Due to the contractor’s request that we stay out of the construction zone as much as possible, you likely have not seen much of the additional work that has taken place.

While it is not always apparent, a lot has been accomplished. As the Bible instructed, we built this church building on a firm foundation decades ago. We recently had to saw through that concrete slab in the former office space and excavate about a foot of soil and gravel beneath it to make a place for sewer lines. Then the lines were laid, carefully allowing for the appropriate slope for drainage, and new concrete has been poured to cover that work. Metal studs are now in place where the new walls will be, and some water lines have been run through those studs to service the new sinks. And all of this is just in the new women’s restroom!

Similar work is happening to create our new men’s and family restrooms. Soon to follow will be the sheetrock, tile on the walls and floors, ceiling grid and tile, lighting, painting, and fixtures. Simultaneously, men are working to modify the heating and air conditioning systems where ductwork was in the way.

The fire marshal has tasked us with upgrading our alarm systems. We will do extensive improvements to the alarms in our Worship Center, Fellowship Hall, Welcome Center, Choir Room, Parlor, and the Office and Sunday School spaces above these areas. This is costly, but since we have experienced a devastating fire, we are going to meet the challenge and install an excellent alarm system, for fire and intruders.

While this project is about much more than coffee, we will include that amenity also and are researching the appropriate equipment. (Not being a coffee drinker, I had no idea how many choices there are!) Paint colors are being selected, and some furniture has been ordered. Some other furniture, such as the office desk, is being built by the contractor.

The exterior work, to remodel the driveway to a more pedestrian-friendly space, redo the landscaping, and add additional signage, should also begin soon.

You can see the latest financial numbers in the Budget section of this newsletter. We encourage you to continue to give generously, and remember that earlier giving helps to reduce the amount of interest that we will pay. We are a couple of months away from seeing all of this come together, and I am sure that you will be as excited as I am to see the final result.

Thank you for praying for Vision 2020 and for being such a giving church!

Jeff Sadler
Vice – Chair Building Renovation Chair

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