Back in January, thanks to a lot of faithful volunteers, we were able to make visits to almost 200 homes/families in the Lawton area.  This effort of “200 VISITS” on Sunday afternoons was fruitful as we connected with people who had joined us at the Living Christmas Tree presentations, AWANA and Upward ministries, and others who had not attended Sunday School in awhile.  We let people know that God loves them and so do we.  We invited people to come to Sunday School and worship services.  We made connections with people and prayed concerning their specific needs.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who had a part in this great outreach event.

#LOVE LAWTON also began in January with many of our people signed up to be involved on Wednesday evenings with meeting needs and sharing Christ.  In January we handed out approximately 140 cases of water, gospel tracts, and FBC info cards at storefronts throughout Lawton.  In the midst of helping people with their physical need for water we shared with them the spiritual need for the “Living Water.”  We also prayed with people about their other needs as well.  It was a moving experience for all involved.

In February, through the ministry of #LOVE LAWTON, we are loving Lawton at the laundromat as each week we go to laundromats in the Lawton area to help pay for people’s laundry.  As we have involved ourselves in these #LOVE LAWTON evangelism/ministry projects we have been met with puzzled expressions and disbelief that anyone would share the love of Christ in such practical ways.   At the laundromats we have also shared the Gospel with many and prayed for others as they shared certain needs with us.  We are also inviting people to Sunday School and worship services.  Future projects include 9 volt battery, cookie, and light bulb give-a-ways.  Please pray and ask the Lord to give us maximum impact as we reach out to Lawton with the love of Christ.  Why not come and join us on Wednesday nights at 6:00 in the Fellowship Hall as we go out to love Lawton?

Tony Christie
Associate Pastor

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