CrossTimbers Children’s Missions Adventure Camp. The goal of CrossTimbers Camp exists to support local church efforts to raise up a generation of kids with an authentic walk with God who actively serve others with missional living. We returned from camp this past week, June 24-27. There were 22 attendees from our church who attended camp this year, 16 kids and 6 sponsors. We had several decisions made over the week. We will be sharing some of our experiences and songs from camp at the beginning of service, this Sunday, July 7th.

Some of the things the kids learned about at camp were, Lottie Moon, who she was and why we take the Lottie Moon missions offering. They also learned about Edna McMillen, who she was and why we take the state missions offering. We talked about work that is taking place in Seville, Spain, with church planters in that country and how they are reaching people. Seattle, Washington and the church planting that is going on in that city and how they reach people with block parties and other ways they reach people in that city. And here in our state with Tulsa and an organization called Missions Mobile. Missions Mobile is an organization that goes into trailer park home areas and plants a community center and reaches the people in that area through Bible studies, backyard Bible clubs and other service projects. All of these mission efforts are growing and making great strides for the kingdom of God.

The kids were able to do activities such as a ropes course, swimming, other water sports and shooting sports. All of these activities included time for spiritual application to each of their lives and how God can use the situations they faced in these activities to teach them spiritual applications and life lessons.

Thank you for your support of our children and allowing our kids the opportunity to go and experience camp and learn about who God is and how He loves them and how He is there with them everyday of their lives.

Aaron Myers
Associate Pastor of Families

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