Hey folks. Time for a new budget. We are currently maintaining our giving at about 97% of the 2019-2020 budget. As of the end of February, receipts were more than $14,000 ahead of expenses. With your support we can finish this year strong.

We started this year’s budget process with the idea that we wanted to keep the overall budget number about the same as last year. We realize that we have committed significant resources to Vision 2020 and we want to keep giving generously to mission work. Keeping the budget at roughly the current level will adequately fund the good work we have been doing while still enabling additional giving in other areas. As always, our success in these endeavors depends on faithful giving. God’s work does not stop. Neither should our support of it.

The proposed 2020-2021 budget is $1,338,285. This is a reduction of nearly $19,000 from the current budget. The savings are in personnel costs as a result of the decision to move forward with part time custodial help rather than full time help. Others areas of the budget were tweaked up or down depending on costs from last year.  Some areas, such Properties/Vehicles saw an increase. Others, such as Worker’s Comp Insurance, saw a slight decrease. Overall, the numbers stayed much the same as last year’s budget. We are still watching to see if any last minute revisions are necessary as we finalize the numbers. 

We had scheduled two Budget Forums for church members to ask the Budget and Finance Committee any questions they have about the 2020-2021 budget. Unfortunately due to the current COVID – 19 situation we are having to postpone our previously scheduled budget forums. A vote on the budget was scheduled to occur during the Annual Business Meeting that was scheduled for Sunday, March 29.
Unfortunately we have also had to postpone this meeting due to the threat of the COVID – 19 virus. Circumstances have dictated that we are temporarily unable to meet to vote on the new budget. Per discussion with FBC staff and leadership, we will continue with 2019-2020 budget numbers until we can vote on the new budget. We will close out our current budget as planned, then begin the 2020-2021 budget year using the budget numbers from 2019-2020. Once the vote occurs, the numbers will be changed to reflect the new budget.

One last minute issue that arose was funding for a security officer during Sunday mornings. The timing of the request did not allow for a complete vetting of the idea prior to publishing the proposed budget. We decided to seek guidance from the church body before including the cost in the 2020-2021 budget. We can discuss the issue during the Budget Forums and vote on the issue during the Annual Business Meeting.

Cary McCoy

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