If you would like to host a battle-buddy team of 2-4 Basic Trainees on CHRISTMAS DAY please fill out the application and return to one

of the points of contacts from the 1-19th FA BN, 434th FA BDE UMT:

SGT Kyle Black:

kyle.w.black4.mil@mail.mil or (580) 442-5752

PV2 Jessica Gaspard:

jessica.e.gaspard.mil@mail.mil or (580) 442-1446

Key Information about Christmas Day

1. Open to all AD, National Guard, Reserve, Government Civilian, Military Retirees and FBC Lawton Members.

2. Apply before 14 DEC 20.

3. TRADOC IET policies remain in effect (i.e., no alcohol, tobacco, ATVs, etc.).

4. Pick up Trainees at 1100 on Christmas Day. Return NLT 2030.

5. THANK YOU for your support!