As we begin the new school year things are exciting and new.  Summer is ending and we all have things in our lives that happen with a new year in our families.  Football is starting, vacations are done, kids start in a new classroom with new teachers, and we start back with a full slate of programing at FBC.

That leads us to a new Sunday School Year.  As you know, Sunday School is, and should be, very important to us.  In our church this is where we focus on getting life on life as believers.  We know more people than are in our Sunday School group.  But those we gather with at 9:30 on Sunday morning should be special to us.

These are the people that we pray with, share our prayer requests with, discuss the Scriptures with, FELLOWSHIP with, celebrate with, and sometimes mourn with.

One of the ways we can make Sunday School more effective is through leader training.  Leaders that have a vision and understanding of all that Sunday School can do are better equipped to facilitate a group that is strong and dynamic.

We start every year off in Oklahoma with an Associational Sunday School Leader Training Workshop.  This year FBC is hosting that event for the Comanche/Cotton Baptist Association.  It happens at 5:00 pm on August 19th here at the church.  Make sure you attend if you are a teacher, officer, director, or worker.

Jay Grigg

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