The Rewired Men’s Conference, having begun in 2008, is an annual event that takes place at Falls Creek Conference Center in the beautiful Arbuckle Mountains.  The focus is transforming the lives of men through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This year’s theme is “The One” and is based on Colossians 1:15-23.

Rewired reaches men from all backgrounds and interests.  These differences are what set Rewired apart from other men’s conferences around the country.  As Keith Burkhart said, “It is one of the only conferences where you will see a biker, cowboy, hipster, gamer and businessman standing together in worship as the greater tribe of Christian men.”

The unifying force that brings these men together is threefold:  First, a love for Christ and desire to be men of God who influence their world; second, to find the right next step or direction for their relationship with God; and third, to find and build godly friendships with other men.

Men, you will not want to miss this year’s Rewired, as you will be blessed to hear from retired legendary football coaches Bobby Bowden (Florida State Seminoles) and Tommy Bowden (Clemson University).  You will have the opportunity to hear from several intriguing and exciting breakout speakers including our own Senior Pastor, Patrick Latham. 

This year’s Rewired Men’s Conference is Friday and Saturday, April 26-27.  The cost of the event is only $70 for the first twenty who register on our church’s website or in the church office.  After the 20 have registered the cost will be $85 through April 11th.  If you have older boys don’t forget to register them along with any friends who can go.  We will leave from the church parking lot, on our church buses, Friday morning and will return on Saturday afternoon.   

Tony Christie
Associate Pastor

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