Tuesday, September 29, 2020 was a significant day in my life. It was the day that I became driver’s license official! I am officially a card carrying citizen of Comanche County! The Lord has been so gracious, kind, and loving in how He has made coming home so sweet. I have been blessed with the best church family on the planet, I have experienced a deep emotional and spiritual healing, and my family is already adjusted and loving our new normal.
One of my favorite “new pastor moments” has been seeing you excited about how God is moving among us. This last Sunday we were challenged by the Word to engage the community that God has strategically placed us in by rejoicing with them and mourning with them. The only true way for this to happen is for each of us to be intentional about building relationships in our circles of influence. Our natural circles of influence include our home, school/work, family, and friends. Those are, typically, easy places to rejoice and mourn because those are people we love and know. My prayer and challenge is to broaden your circles. That God would bring new people across our daily paths and give us the opportunity to build new relationships that open the door for the Gospel. When our new friends experience moments of success and celebration, we can cheer them on. When they go through tragedy and hard time, we are there to help shoulder the load. As they experience the love of Jesus through us, we will have the opportunity to lead them to Jesus!
Here is your homework: commit to praying for a divine appointment. Ask the Lord to cross your path with someone new. When He does, build the relationship and pray for a window of opportunity to share the Gospel. Then share the beautiful good news that Jesus lived, died, and rose again! I cannot wait until the Lord begins to stir those baptismal waters! Hallelujah!

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