I hope you enjoyed one of our Living Christmas Tree performances. Our worship ministry does an awesome job with that. There are a lot of people around Southwest Oklahoma that look forward to that every year. This year we had 40 people indicate they had made a decision for Christ.  That in and of itself makes it all worth it.

Now we move on to the celebration of the Holidays.  We are going to make a little change in the way we do that this year at First Baptist Church.  Every 8 years Christmas falls on a Sunday. (Leap years make it 8 years instead of 7).  In order to maximize our time with family and stay true to our church’s strategic plan, we are going to have our Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve services at 10:50 these next two Sundays.

I understand that this is a change.  And sometimes change is not easy.  However, we can still have an available worship on Sunday morning. We can maximize some time for travel to go to see kids and family.  On Christmas Eve, we will do Family Communion and light candles.  On New Year’s Eve we will have a regular Sunday morning worship.

I look forward to seeing every one of you there for both of these Sunday mornings. We will celebrate the birth of our Savior, bring in the New Year, and worship the Father. See you there!

Jay Grigg

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