Weekly Prayer List

"Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving."
Colossians 4:2


October 8, 2019


  • Pray for Mike as he continues to prepare for the Living Christmas Tree and the many areas within the music ministry.
  • Pray for Heather and her recent health issues and concerns.
  • Pray for God’s watch-care over the Neff’s.
  • Pray for wisdom as God leads the Neff family in all areas of life.


  • Pray for Shea Ferguson in Phoenix.
  • Pray that his strength and commitment will continue as they impact the area with the love and message of Christ.
  • Pray his family will be safe and healthy.
  • Pray that the church will grow and opportunities will be available to plant another church.


  • Pray for Aaron and Cory as they work in the Children and Student Ministry.
  • Pray for insight as they have College Night Worship starting Oct. 13th at 8:30p.m.
  • Pray for a good crowd to hear and worship the living Savior.
  • Pray lives will be changed and souls be saved.



  • Beth Mercer #A-72
  • Dorthy Smith #E-19-A


Stationed in Kuwait:
  • Stephen Jackson


  • Bill Boling
  • Barbara Bullock-Surgery OKC
  • Kristy Kelly-Pending Surgery
  • Shizuko Burgess-Recovering from car accident
  • Alice Maksim-serious car accident (mother of Sara Mazzo)
  • Mindy Warren Gentile-Surgery for Brain Infection (Daughter of Sue Warren)
  • Josh Cotton- Taking Radiation for his Cancer (Son of Rhonda & Mark Cotton)
  • Lee Pierce-Cancer, Taking Radiation
  • TJ Turner-Serious ATV accident (neighbor of Tom & Brenda Bell)
  • Blake Hooper-Recovering from serious leg surgery.
  • Delton Smith-Home, recuperating from surgery
  • Gavyn Garza-Health Issues (Daughter of Kari & Mike Garza)
  • Rick Fritsch-Lung Cancer (Friend of Mike Finley)
  • Chance Engleberg-(25) Missing (Cousin of Ruth Geis)
  • John Wisel-Cancer (Brother of Joelene Netherland) lives in IN


  • Area Schools
  • Kody Fuqua (Friend of Sara Mazzo)
  • Daymond McGaughey
  • Trudy Sadawski-Throat Cancer (Friend of Joelene Netherland)
  • Debbie Duvov-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • JoAn Maloney
  • Marcia Elkins-Monte Vista
  • Charles Elkins
  • Betty Jordan-Cancer
  • Beth Mercer
  • Phyllis Scott-Pneumonia
  • Patrick Howard (half-brother of Audelle Owen)
  • Chuck Klein-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • Lorena Crook
  • Russell Shoemate-Cancer
  • Walton Byers-Cancer (Grandson-in-law of Pat Bridges)
  • Goober Hastings
  • Jimmy Cagle- Cancer
  • Loretta John-Cancer
  • Steve Polone-Cancer
  • Ebbie Lee-Doing better
  • Dave Campbell-Stage 4 Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • Mick Hanauer-Cancer (Nephew of Joelene Netherland)
  • Hunter Fulps-Recovering from Brain Surgery, having headaches
  • Bobby Ely-Cancer (Friend of Patrick Latham)
  • Mary Teehi-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • David Tyler-Cancer (Friend of Bill Shoemate)
  • Tami Little & Tasha Petersen-Cancer (Sisters & Nieces of Mavis Strand)
  • Barbara Moore-Stroke (Joe & Edna Jackson’s Daughter-in-law’s mother)
  • Debbie Martin- Stroke
  • Walton Byers-Cancer (Grandson-in-law of Pat Bridges)
  • Bobby Ely-Cancer (Friend of Patrick Latham)
  • John Logenberg-Cancer (Dad of Christina Stiefer)
  • Myra Hendrick-Ill at home


Monty Hale, Washington/Osage Baptist Association Director of Missions

  • Pray for the 70-80% unaffiliated with any faith group in their three county area.
  • Pray for well-being of pastors and their families as they lead their churches.
  • Pray that God would begin revival in their area that would spread to the rest of the state.
  • Pray for the Lord’s continued blessing on the ministry of Monty and his wife Cindy.


Ron and Sue Shaw, Chaplain Relief, First Southern Baptist Madera, CA.

  • Pray for those impacted by disasters across our country and around the world and pray for those God sends to minister to them that they might show His love and concern.

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