Dear Friends:

It has been a great honor to serve as your interim pastor these last few weeks. I am looking forward to spending the next several weeks with you. 

Although I have known about FBC Lawton – Fort Sill for many years, I didn’t really know this church until I had the privilege of serving you.  In the short time that I have been with you, I have learned some valuable things about you all.

One, the church is made up of some really good people.  I am sure there are a couple of ol’ soreheads in the group, but everyone I have been in contact with has been great.  The folks in this church are encouragers and I appreciate that.  They smile a lot and I need that.  They let me preach difficult things.  And they are deeply interested in studying the Bible (I have learned this from the discipleship class I teach on Sunday evenings.).

Another thing that I have learned about the church is you have a great staff.  The called staff and support staff alike care deeply about the church.  They want good things to happen.  They desire to see more people saved and more saved people discipled.  Your staff is talented, gifted, and focused.  I know you appreciate them.  Don’t forget to tell them that.  And, whatever you do, don’t forget to pray for them.

A third thing I have learned is the future is bright for FBC Lawton.  There is no shortage of people in this area that need Jesus and need a good church home.  We just have to be faithful to share with everyone we encounter and invite them to join us on Sunday mornings.  And we have to be committed to making room for them when they get here.

In the meantime, I will do my best to preach the best sermons I can.  Notice I didn’t say good sermons.  I can’t promise to preach good ones but I can promise to do my best to preach the best sermons. I will also do my best to participate in discipleship opportunities with you.  I am truly enjoying my Sunday afternoon Discipleship University class and look forward to the rest of the journey through Ephesians.  And I will do my best to prepare you for your next pastor.

You have elected a good Pastor Search Committee.  They are busy right now doing the one thing that desperately needs doing.  They are praying together.  The search for your next pastor must be undergirded in prayer and directed by prayer.  I am thrilled that they have committed themselves to a season of prayer.  At some point in the future, they will start to collect and go over resumes.  They will start to narrow their search until they get to the man that God has prepared to come be your pastor.

In the meantime, I want to consistently remind you to pray for this man and his family.  It is important that you pray for the church he may be serving in now.  It is vital that you pray for him and his family.  Moving to a new church is a big, sometimes scary deal.  So, pray for him to have a clear sense of being called here, a clear vision of what the Lord wants him to do here, and a clear path to get his family settled here.

While we wait for that exciting day, I will do my best to serve you and together we can serve the Lord.

Dr. Joe Ligon
Interim Pastor

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