The summer was so busy!  The kids are back in school and football season is upon us.  We had a fantastic summer of Falls Creek, CrossTimbers and multiple mission trips.  Promotion Sunday is over and now it is time to move back into our next academic year.

This means that the time is here for Discipleship University.  Discipleship is a critical component for maintaining and growing our relationship with our Savior and Father.

At our DU Kickoff this past Sunday night we were reminded that Scripture tells us in Matthew 28:18-20 that we are commissioned to make disciples.  Verse 20 says, “teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.”    That says we need to lead others.

I want to encourage you to look at any of our courses that start with “Basic”.  These courses have been created under the direction of the Pastor and produced right here in FBC Lawton.  These courses are designed to Train the Trainer.  The result is: after working through one of these courses you will be equipped to lead another new believer, old believer, or church member through that curriculum.  These are other courses that are available too; Experiencing God, Divorce Care, and a Women’s Study. We cannot be a healthy church and at the same time a church that does not train and encourage people in their personal growth.  We need to be a part of Discipleship.

Discipleship University, DU, is going to meet at 5:30 Sunday evenings beginning Sun., Sep. 8th. 

It is not too late to sign up.  Just look at the courses on the web page and call the church office to sign up!

Jay Grigg

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