It has been reported that standing in the rustic wilderness of the Arbuckle Mountains in 1917, it would have been hard to imagine that the rocky trails and dense tree stands would ever produce much more than a challenge for hikers. It was faith in what God can do as one follows God’s vision that caused J.B. Rounds and W.D. Moorer to see the desire God had for the trails and trees and to pursue that vision to fruition. These men were immediately attracted to the 160 acre parcel of land and agreed it was the place for the annual summer meetings of the Baptist Young People’s Union. There were 273 persons registered the first year of camp. On the last Sunday, Rounds baptized Pearl and Bonnie Bruebaker, who lived on a farm nearby; not one conversion, as he had prayed, but two.

The affirmation of God’s vision has continued. Last year’s 8 week summer camp witnessed 53,301 campers with 5,806 making public decisions for Christ. Since 1917 over 2.3 million people have walked these grounds resulting in over 250,000 conversions and life-changing decisions for Christ during the summer camps alone. More missionaries have experienced their call to a lifetime of service than at any other place on the face of the earth. Over the years Falls Creek has been the place where hundreds from First Baptist Lawton have been saved, followed God’s call into ministry and missions, and made other life changing decisions.

This year marks Falls Creek’s 100 year existence. Why don’t you join us on Sun, Sep 3, as we leave for Falls Creek from the church parking lot at 1:30 pm? We will all enjoy a night of celebrating what God has done through the ministry of Falls Creek.

Tony Christie
Associate Pastor

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