Church family, thanks so much for your support and efforts as we took 87 students with us to camp last week.  Falls Creek is such a unique and amazing opportunity for students to be introduced to Christ, grow spiritually, and grow closer together in unity with their peers and other adults in our church body.

Falls Creek was a great experience for our students this year!  We truly believe these decisions recorded were and are life-changing, and you’ll see the evidence as the weeks and months pass.  We celebrated this past Sunday morning with 4 baptisms. We had a total of 16 decisions in our cabin this past week. God did a great work in the hearts of our students that is undeniable.

Thank you church for your financial support. The money we raised in our auction in April helped pay for our cabin and transportation costs.  The auction also helped pay for our sponsors to go to camp with us without stretching their own personal budgets to volunteer to lead our students for a week. Most already do so at the expense of  personal vacation time.  Your food donations helped with food costs.  And many of you gave money for scholarships. Your support makes it possible for students to be able to go to camp and keep the cost affordable for families to send their teenagers.

I truly can’t express my gratitude and appreciation enough for your support and prayers.  You bless Cory Lynne, the girls, and me.  We are blessed to be a part of a church who obviously values the lives of students and their eternity so highly. 

Associate Pastor of Students
Aaron Myers

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