Finally, the most exciting time of the year has arrived. At long last it’s time for a new church budget. As we finish out the current budget year everyone eagerly awaits the weekly giving total to see how close we are to reaching this year’s budget. Can we reach 97% or maybe 98% or even 100%? It’s so exciting! And the new budget, what changes will we make? The suspense is killing me.
Ok, ok. I’m not really that excited. It is important though. The budget provides a plan for how we’ll spend the money we give to God. We try to be good stewards. The budget helps keep track of what is being given and what is being spent. The ministers and staff are very good at making sure we don’t spend money we don’t have.
Every year the ministers, staff and committees, with guidance from the Pastor, plan what they need to do in the coming year and estimate how much it will cost. They do a great job. But in recent years it seems the process is all about “Where can we cut?” We don’t quite make budget one year so next year’s budget is a little less. Some things that we may want to do just don’t get done.
A few months ago the Budget and Finance Committee was approached for money to sponsor a Strength Team. We found the money, the team came, and more than fifty decisions were made for Christ. Six people were baptized in our church and we believe several others in their home churches. Many were kids. I was totally amazed. It was a miracle!
But what if we didn’t find the money? What if the Strength Team didn’t come? Are there other things God wants to do, other miracles we might miss because the money isn’t in the budget?
Folks the budget is important. Giving to reach 100% of budget is wonderful. But we are called to do God’s work and that means funding God’s work. Let’s find a way to give more to God.

Cary McCoy

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