I love you FBC Family! I must begin by letting you know how blessed I was by our time of worship this past Sunday. It was another first for us in our new relationship as church and pastor. We remembered the sacrifice of Jesus by sharing in the Lord’s Supper together. It was beautiful and so powerful to share that moment with you. We are family. Then heaven opened up as we worshipped! I am smiling even as I type and think about how powerful and loud our united voices were as they carried the praises of God to His ears and heart! God is on the move at FBC Lawton and our best days are ahead of us.

These last few weeks the Lord has called us to walk with Him intimately and to obey Him swiftly. We have learned that we are to see ourselves with sober judgement and to find out who we are in Christ. We are to identify our gifts, talents, abilities, and resources in order to put them to use in our church. God has given us clear direction on how to treat others; even if they persecute us or target us with evil intention. We have also learned to trust God with vengeance. He has and He always will fight for us. Why are all of these things important? Because when we walk in these powerful truths, they set us free! We walk confidently with the Lord and have clarity and direction in the ministries that we are called to as believers. We become a church body that is ready to receive what God has for us. We have a sensitivity to the Spirit of God that will unify us in heart and vision.

As I pray and seek the Lord over the rest of this year and what is ahead in 2021, I am overwhelmed and excited by the possibilities! Please be in fervent prayer as we seek to fulfill God’s purpose for FBC in Lawton-Ft.Sill and the surrounding area. I love you FBC! Invite somebody to church!

Mike Keahbone
Senior Pastor

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